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测试 C、Python、Java 等 16 种编程语言的 Hello World:7 种存在 Bug?

测试 C、Python、Java 等 16 种编程语言的 Hello World:7 种存在 Bug?

测试 C、Python、Java 等 16 种编程语言的 Hello World:7 种存在 Bug? 翻译 | 张洁 Hello World 可能是最简单的计算机入门程序。几十年来,许多人在开始使用新的编程语言时,编写的第一个程序通常是 Hello World。 这不起眼的入门程序没有 Bug,对吗? 图片来自 sunfishcode 的博客   毕竟,Hello World 程序只做一件事。怎么会有 Bug? 万万没想到,有开发者在好奇心驱动下,测试了 16 种常用的语言后,竟然在里面检测出了 7 种编程语言的...

Google 尝试在 Chrome 中使用 Rust

Google tried to use Rust in Chrome

According to Google's online security blog, more than 70 percent of serious security vulnerabilities are currently memory security issues. That said, these security vulnerabilities are mainly caused by pointer errors in C or C++, and half of them are using released bugs. Memory security is a serious issue for the global software engineering community right now, and when all errors point to the same cause, it's also an opportunity, meaning many problems can be solved at once. The Chrome security team attempted to address this in several ways:...


As the open source talent gap continues to widen, the Linux Foundation reveals the truth about open source employment

In the process of digital transformation, more and more enterprises realize the importance of open source, so it is urgent for these companies to find experienced open source talent, the talent gap that existed before the outbreak continues to widen. In addition, a growing number of developers are reporting discrimination they encounter in the open source community. To shed light on these changes and challenges, the Linux Foundation has released the Open Source Jobs 2021 Report, which features data from more than 200 hiring managers and 750...