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IT service and maintenance


We provide IT maintenance services: regular inspection, emergency services, IT asset management, IT architecture integration optimization, remote services, on-site services, hardware and software purchase, process support, IT-related documentation, etc. We abandon the traditional IT service industry "one-man combat" concept, the implementation of the "team combat" concept, we have been working together as a team to protect your IT architecture operation

Office relocation


We have massive experience in office relocating, include migration of IT equipment in your server room, dismantling cable and devices in the old office, designing, and building new office network architecture, new office cabling, and broadband telephone migration assistance

Data recovery and backup plan


Design appropriate data security programs to protect your data and network security for your current data and network environment. Provide a complete data backup program to reduce the hassle of data deletion and loss

Network architecture


Whether you're building a new office, renovating it, or continuing to use it, we offer professional network architecture integration and optimization solutions that are tailored to your current needs and overall situation

The website construction


We have a professional design team to provide you with page design in line with your corporate image and industry vision, experienced programmer team to ensure that the designer's design can be perfect presentation, customer service team to follow up the project and timely feedback information

Customized software


We provide customized software, system development services: CRM software, product software, purchase and storage software, financial software, personnel management software, business analysis management software


Professional IT service and technical consultation

We provide IT services including IT maintenance, website construction, company building, company relocation, IT training, etc. as well as management software including document approval management software, personnel management software, customer resource management software, etc., to provide you with a complete IT solution

We optimize IT resource to customized your solutions and make it work with your business and execution, so you can focus on your business expansion

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