DMS 64
If you emphasize on internal control and compliance company, knowing the complexity and professional of document management and being eager to know about how global company to manage documents, please contact us directly.We have many succuss cases in document management of Fortune 500 companies.
If you already know that improve company's business by recruiting sales is not the only way.If you hope to improve the performance of a single business personnel and know about more secrets of customer resource management, please contact us directly and we'll tell you the truth about customer recource in the trade you are.
HR 5
We all know that HR management include: Organization Management, Recruitment Management, Compensation Management, Training Mangement and Performance Management; How can we invert these concept into executable operation? AURA is willing to share personnel software in various enterprises in the real case under us and the world's top personnel manager of business communication and practical experience of the project, with the growing global enterprise.
Financial 1
Could you get your company's financial data promptly?Do you finish the financial analysis by manual labour? Why couldn't the problem be solved even though you employed a good many people?Please contact AURA if you meet the problem above.We have the IT solution to the financial problem of the global top 500.
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