After finishing hundreds of software projects,We want to present the problem that we come up in the project to you and want to tell you why some projects are doomed to failure from the start.
Company having a good start is half the success. We make some suggestions for the career person who want to constuct a modernised company. Thest suggestions are our experience after we succeed in finishing over a hundred projects.
The business of the company expansion need move company. This time we'll find that the problems to be considered in moving your company are more than in building your company.We share the gain and loss of our with you in here.
What else can we do in website besides show beautiful pictures and release outside the company's news on time. What can bring us website? How should we avoid various traps when we build website.
IT Training 12
The company spent so much money to give us training. But which one is really can help the employees to improve the efficiency of work?
IT Maintain 16
What should we understand IT personnel and what they are doing? Have we removed mines existing in the IT maintenance?
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