Law Clause
anybody who entered,scened and used the Aura Technology .Co Lte's website is admit to have read,understood and agreed to
accept the constraint of the treaty and obey all applicable laws and legislations.if you are disagreed with this treaty, please don't
use the website of Aura Technology Co.Ltd (we will call it"aura technology" following).we have the rights to upset our treaty .So
you should visit our website frequently in order to know the treaty of our site.
Rights Of Using
Any content provided by Aura Technogy's site(including but not limited to datas,words,charts,images,musics,video and so on)belongs to Aura Technology or related obligees.If you are not allowed by Aura Technogy with written can't copy,
remake,spread,public,repaste,rework or display any content in our site by any way.And you can't mirror any content from our site
on the server doesn't belong to Aura Technology without any written permission.Any activities of using our site's content without
permission will breakand other provisions related with international treaty.To the organization or individual person who wants to
use the content of our site.Please notice us by Email ( telephone(61017610)we will charge appropriatly.
Non—assure Statement
Aura technology doesn't guarantee the correctness,timeliness,integrity and reliability of the content on the site; we also don't
guarantee the
consequence which you get from the site lead to.
Aura technology with its branches, staffs,agents and other representatives (we called them"related people"following) will not
undertake the responsibility for any mistakes correctness and missing contents on the site,we also don't guarantee the
consequence which you get from the site lead to.
Aura technology and related people don't guarantee that you can enter,scene and use our site at any time.We will not undertake
the resposibility while the site and its content can't be used.
Protection Of Privacy
protecting users'privacy is a basic policy of our company.We will not public or spread your information,except: authorized by users
definitely in advance,according to the requirement set by laws and legislations,according to the judgements set by the court,
arbitration or other judicial practice,according to the requirements set by government,users' activities against the treaty or damage
the interest of Aura technology.
Content Change
Aura has the right of changing or updating the site at any time.There is no need to notice you advance.
Under no circumstance will not Aura technology& related people undertake the responsibility of any decision or activity you made
rely on our site after you have entered or used our site.We will not understand the responsibility of the direct,indirect,punitive or any
other form of losses including but not limited to business interruption,data missing or profit losses which you entered or used our
site led to.Although Aura technology had been definitely told that it's possible to cause the losses which list above.
Aura technology and related people will not undertake the responsibility of the virus and othersubversion formula to your computer
system,computer software,computer hardwars,IT system or the damage and losses of your property which you have used ,download
any content from our site caused.
Aura technology and related people will not undertake the responsibility of the damage and losses,which the third party take the
illegal ways to enter our site and get the keywords,data and contents caused.
Other Links
Aura technology will not undertake the responsibility of the result that you enter other websites by the link inour site. When you enter
the other websites,you should know correctly that those have no relation with aura technology,and the websites are out of our control.
In addition,the link lists inour site doesn't stand we should admin or take responsibility for sites' content.You should enter other sites
cautiously in order not to be attacked by virus or other destructive formula.
Range and jurisdiction of the law
Our site and treaty should be suitable for the law of people's republic of China,any controversy of our site and treaty should be administered by court in Shanghai.